Tarot & Angel Card Readings


What direction should you head in? Let the Tarot & Oracle cards guide you.

Get Answers! Sunflower connects using clairaudience, clairvoyance and angel communication to support your deepest concerns.

Ask The Questions You Want Answers To

Get insight from a professional intuitive with 27 years of Tarot & Oracle card experience.

Do you need clarity?  Do you desire insight?  Would you like support and guidance?

I use Thoth Tarot, Angel Tarot & Many different diverse decks of Oracle cards as led for each client and each experience.  A Tarot or Oracle card reading can provide simple answers or give in depth insight.

What to Expect

  • 30 minute, 60 or 90 minutes sessions.
  • Readings are done via email, Skype or Phone.
  • Depending on how long of a session you choose you can ask 1-3 major questions (30 mins), 3-6 major questions (60 minutes), 6-9 major questions (90 minutes).
  • Your reading is highly accurate, yet you must understand that Tarot acts as a divine mirror. Your outcome may shift as you adjust details in your life.
  • It is recommended to have readings done every 2-3 months if continuing to work on or towards a situation or goal, some clients select to use readings as coaching and we read together weekly or even monthly.
  • You are my priority when in a Tarot or Oracle card reading session.
  • We will work together to see that there is shift in change in any outcome or situation you are not liking.
  • My readings are to look at the lighter side of life and to usher in what can and will bring you from darkness of unknowing into the light of knowing.
  • Every client is unique and special, I take care to be sure you feel as such.
  • Readings are done with compassion, wisdom and tact.


I tap into Money, Wealth, Purpose, Career, and Love.  We can also delve into Wellness, Dream Interpretation, Assertiveness, Spiritual Gifts, your natural God given abilities, and Past Life!

I will hear from your guides and angels what will bring you Divine love.  I will see visions of you working with your Divine Soul Mate or Twin Flame.

The cards and angels will show me you working  your soul purpose/business or job that is really meant for you.

I will see visions of you working in your highest potential to fulfill the Creators promise of a joyful, full life.

The cards and angels will show your  pathway to your heart desires. During a reading I connect deeply in to the realm of the Divine.

I  am an energy worker, here to assist and nurture the Empath, Creative and Intuitive. 

I tap into the Divine with your spirit energy.  We do energetic alignment during a reading, clients often report, they notice doors magically begin opening for them after a reading. The reading is announcement to the Universe of desiring wisdom, knowledge, and change; this creates a shift in the clients life. You are now on receive, your life begins to unlock opportunity.

Archangels give me messages to assist you.  I will hear direct from Mother Earth, Elohim & Master Jesus.

I am a Certified Angel Intuitive & Angel Therapist

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life.  Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels.

Angel Therapy sessions are spiritual healing and counseling sessions where we specifically call the archangels and guardian angels in, Ascended Masters work in this realm with us as well.

Angel Therapy cards and other Angel Oracle decks may be used during your sessions. Sunflower will also tune in to hear archangel guidance for you and to clairvoyantly see for you and your situation during each session.

After each session you will feel a profound release, relief and joy.  Each session provides healing.

Sunflower listens and assists with grace.

Who Benefits From Angel Card Readings & Archangel Therapy Sessions?

  • Everyone! Women, Men & Children!
  • Angel Therapy Sessions are for people needing support and guidance in any area of their lives.
  • Those wanting to remove emotional blocks.
  • People that no longer want to be stuck!
  • Grieving souls. Release and rebuild letting loss go.
  • Those hoping to support their journey in their relationships. A call to healing support.
  • Sensitive souls wanting support and counseling from the divine angelic realm.
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