White Lotus Way

White Lotus Way

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Spiritual Counseling

GUIDANCE FOR THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE. Experience Breakthrough with Metaphysical, Spiritual Counseling Breathe Again, Let Go Of Chaos. Experience Transformation.

You can live your life to your joyful satisfaction. Be empowered to live a happy life on your terms. Live empowered. Dare to dream and dream big!  Dreams should not be something you feel you can not attain or perhaps will attain "someday".  Your time is now, to be healed and free from the chains that have kept you bound.

The ability to see and observe from a clear perspective is key. Find your clarity and vision.

Benefits of Metaphysical, Spiritual Counseling with me:

  • Feel heard and understood
  • Be encouraged & feel your inner power!
  • Set attainable and dream goals
  • End the cycles of being a victim and living in chaos
  • Stress and anxiety come to an end
  • You will have a companion on your journey
  • Release yourself from fear and self doubt
  • Establish a clear path for moving on from where you are now
  • You will have a caring compassionate friend that will provide you with wisdom, not advice


Unlock Yourself

Receive guidance and support on the situations that have you feeling "stuck" or "left behind".   I will help you navigate past your own resistance and give you support in your shift out of your rut into clear living.

I encourage self-love, self discovery, self knowing and tapping into your intuitive nature. You deserve to live the life you were put here for. Live a life of clarity, hopes, dreams, living your hearts desire and purpose.


Stop living in a fuzzy world, become clear. Whether it is a temporary painful situation you are relieving yourself from and going through the let go or simply just need to be set straight on your path, I am here to support, encourage, listen and guide with wisdom. I want to connect you to your greatest knowing of yourself. I want to connect you to your blissful future, no holds barred.You will not feel lonely, depressed or disconnected any longer.

We are connecting you to your team of Divine support. We will pray together and meditate together help you to further connect to your highest self, your angels and God.

It is time for you to live life abundantly and receive.

Are you ready to 

  • Discover your true path, live authentically from a place of grace?
  • Understand your spiritual nature?
  • Heal from old or current wounds, heal your inner child?
  • Live life to the fullest?
  • Have self esteem and MEGA confidence?
  • Live your true path of wholeness?
  • Let your inner power goddess/god shine?

New Client FREE Bonuses!

  • FREE BONUS! 1 year Essential Oil Discount Membership with doTerra Essential Oils! ($35 value)
    • The angels recommend  essential oils to all my clients. The angels show beneficial essential oils unique to you and what you need to me during your session.
      • You will be enrolled with a discount membership to the leading Essential Oil manufacturer and distributor. This will give you 25% off your purchases also a way to earn free oils!
  • FREE Bonus!!! ***FREE Balance Essential Oil! ($20 value)
  • FREE Bonus!!!! Open Your Heart Meditation Video.

You are limitless! You have NO bounds! UNLEASH yourself.

"Love the SHIFT out of yourself" - Sunflower Tara