Master Your Destiny Signature Program

12 weeks to Energy Breakthrough & Life Purpose Transformation!

The all in one Life Purpose and Energy Coaching Program!

Tired of struggling? Are you unsure of what direction to take or head in?  

What is your life purpose and soul mission?

Do you feel there is simply something MORE you should or could be doing, but don't know what?

When you take the step forward with the Master Your Destiny Signature Program.

You will not question yourself any longer.

Step into your power and take lead in your life!  You are LIMITLESS!

The Master Your Destiny Package encompasses all of the best selling sessions to get you on the right track with knowing and living your purpose as well as balancing your energies to feel amazing and live radiantly while attaining your goals!

The Master Your Destiny Package Includes:

  • Life Purpose Angel Enlightenment Session
    • In one Life Purpose Enlightenment Session with Sunflower you will know your abilities, spiritual gifts, soul purpose, and Divine calling!
  • 3 Weeks to Radiant
    • 3 Weeks to Radiant is personalized one on one coaching program that will take your energy from dull to vibrant!
  • Divine Destiny Day - VIP Experience!
    • Take a step in deeper with DESTINY! Your VIP Day scheduled just for you! Divine Destiny Day is a day of holding space for you, your purpose, your life, your angels and your knowing!  You will complete your Divine Destiny VIP day with Sunflower and feel alive, on course and directed with purpose!
  • Empath Energy Coaching
    • 7 weeks of Energy Coaching for the highly sensitive, creative, intuitive or emotional empath.
      • Stay on course with lifting your energies to reach your state of BLISS and to manifest your ULTIMATE Dreams!  Empath Energy Coaching is a 7 week transformation program to help you become balanced and become in alignment with your state of Manifesting Creator!

These top selling programs and sessions are offered to you in this one White Lotus Way signature package at a huge savings of over $600!!!

Master Your Destiny will change your life in ONLY 12 weeks!!!!

This is 12 weeks of spiritual dedication with support. Your life purpose will open for you, opportunities will arise for you to live your path on purpose! Your happiness and joy will become YOU!

You will feel, younger, radiant, full of vitality and BE TRULY ALIVE!

Your Master Destiny awaits!

I am so excited to work with you and your angels over the course of the next 12 weeks!

FREE Bonuses when you choose to Master Your Destiny!!!

  • $1000 FREE!  Rock Star Business Goddess Academy Discount to support your life purpose as a business! Save $1000 when enrolling in the academy! (Regular yearly price $1997 - Yours for $997)

New Client FREE Bonuses!

  • FREE BONUS! 1 year Essential Oil Discount Membership with doTerra Essential Oils! ($35 value)
    • The angels recommend  essential oils to all my clients. The angels show beneficial essential oils unique to you and what you need to me during your session.
      • You will be enrolled with a discount membership to the leading Essential Oil manufacturer and distributor. This will give you 25% off your purchases also a way to earn free oils!
  • FREE Bonus!!! ***FREE Balance Essential Oil! ($20 value)
  • FREE Bonus!!!! Open Your Heart Meditation Video.
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