Crystal Children

You may be familiar with hearing about Indigos , you may be an Indigo adult!  The Indigo is the warriors soul.  They mainly began flocking to incarnation during the late 1950’s – 1980’s.  The Indigo children came here as profoundly clairvoyant warriors to help pave way and clear ground. Indigos came to help wake things up and clear the path for the new children that have been arriving in the 90’s through now.

“The New Kids”

These new children are the Crystal and Rainbow children. These children are highly sensitive and came to spread the message of good news, they came to teach and claim the New Earth.  The have come to help Divine Mother Earth and to help humanity transform and experience ascension into higher vibration of living.  Light and love is their soul mission.

They are fully aware and awakened to themselves. They experience and know their authentic selves and nature. As Indigo parents of Rainbow and Crystal children we must know how we can fully support them in their growth.

They have a high sense of purpose and will not fit well into old programmed models of traditional raising or institutional schooling.  These children must be supported in a NEW and DIFFERENT way. They won’t even tolerate, old ways of raising.

These new children are highly intuitive and sensitive! These children love animals and nature! These children have EXTREME psychic abilities the average person can not comprehend. You, as a parent of a new kid, must learn how to assist them in cultivating their spiritual gifts to help them do their work, transcending and transforming the planet.

Rainbow and Crystal children will thrive when they feel secure and that they are fully supported in who they really are.  When you do this you may find that children you may have thought were being rebellious, anti- or over-social, or even hyper, experience a shift in their behavior.

I am an Indigo and have 3 beautiful children that chose to come here to lift and assert the Earth, with the raising of the veil. My eldest daughter is an Indigo Child with Crystal, My son is pure Crystal and my youngest daughter is a Rainbow child.

Spiritual counseling children with their parents in communication, grounding through meditation,

play, creativity and positive affirmation is one of my greatest gifts that I cherish.

I look forward to supporting you and your Rainbow or Crystal kid! 

These children are Christ Consciousness manifest.

Our meetings will be held via Skype with both you & your child.

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