Become a Spiritual Aromatherapy Educator

Do you love essential oils or want to learn more about their benefits uses and how you can best support yourself while supporting others on their spiritual journey?

Do you want to earn an income doing something that is a genuine opportunity?

Do you want to do work that soothes and supports your soul while benefiting the Earth as a whole?

You will enjoy earning extra money for yourself and your family with a business you can feel good about. You can establish your own business as a Spiritual Aromatherapy Educator right now. No waiting! You found this page and this website today for a special reason.

YOU uniquely were to see this business idea and opportunity.

Your time is now, you can begin this business easily today! I will help you.

I’d love to be your mentor and have you on my team of Spiritual Aromatherapy Educators!

I have been conducting professional readings for 27 years and coaching sessions for 17 years.  I have worked in the realm of flowers and energetic herbals for a lifetime. I use essential oils with all of my clients, helping them to achieve a happier way of being, obtain physical well-being, as well as, a sound balanced mind.

Essential oils are the wave of the future.

Aromatherapy is advanced emotional, spiritual and physical healthcare.

Become a Spiritual Aromatherapy Educator today and help your clients to achieve joy and balance.

You can develop your aromatherapy/essential oil business however you choose. Invoke your style, your expertise!

FREE BONUS* Your Aromatherapy Educators program will automatically enroll you in the Rock Star Business Goddess Academy!  RSBG Academy will help you develop leadership skills while assisting you in constructing and marketing your business.   I will give you the tools you need to begin taking clients right away. I will teach you how to conduct a Spiritual Wellness Consult, Host a class on or off line and how to structure your business to best support you, your family and those you serve.

Your Personal Unique Spiritual Aromatherapy Session

Your enrollment into the Spiritual Aromatherapy Educator program includes a Session with me geared just for you and your well-being. You can also model this with your own Spiritual Aromatherapy Clients.

A Spiritual Aromatherapy Session is a great way for you to learn what your emotional and spiritual priorities are and how to best support them with essential oils.

What is it?

A Spiritual Aromatherapy Session is a mindful way for you to develop wholeness.  Connecting in with the trinity of your mind, body and soul, I will energetically scan you for imbalances.  I will be intuitively guided to share essential oils that will benefit you on your journey of becoming whole & balanced.  You will be taught how to use the essential oils in your life to best benefit you.  You will enjoy learning new techniques of healing and self-care while working with someone that you know, like, and trust!

We all need support

Are you going through something right now and could use support? Would you like to talk with someone that you know, like, and trust about your spiritual, mental, and health goals? I am here to guide you on your pathway to well-being.

Additional Benefits of a Spiritual Aromatherapy Session For Educators!

1.) Learn how to use essential oils: This is the most important part of the session because if you don’t learn how and when to use your oils, then you’ll never receive their benefits!

2.) Membership to a manufacturer & supplier of top shelf, high quality organic essential oils.

Learn how to MAXIMIZE your membership.  You will begin saving automatically 25% on your essential oil purchases.  You can also earn FREE oils!  The smartest way to buy your oils in the future is through the loyalty membership rewards program, which I’ll show you how to do as well!

3.) Develop a WHOLENESS lifestyle: This isn’t about the latest trend, this about about being in tune with your emotional, soul, and health priorities and learning how to use the oils on a daily basis.

4.) Begin using essential oils & aromatherapy in your meditation practice.  Learn how essential oils can help your energetic body.

5.) FREE BONUS OILS! Both kits offer you this BONUS GIFT!  You will receive FREE BONUS ESSENTIAL OILS! 

6.) Lifetime of continued training and support during your career as an Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Educator. You will receive any essential oil classes put out by White Lotus Way for FREE.


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