Host an Angel Tea

  Receive a unique and special hostess gift, for hosting your Angel Tea Party.

You and your friends will have a great time of connection during our Angel Tea Party!

What will we do at an Angel Tea Party?

  • We will center in and connect together with introductions in a Wisdom of Light Circle.
  • You and your guests will enjoy, feel divine connection and learn during a mini Angel 101 lesson.
  • You will learn about and experience spiritual essential oils.
  • We will go into a meditation space where we will cut cords to people, places and situations that are not serving our highest good.
  • Remove blocks and obstacles and activate our 6th chakra 3rd eye (the intuition spot).
  • I will help you tune in to your highest self.
  • You and your guests will learn how to tap into your intuition.
  • Your guests will scan you! Telling us what they see around you- animals, angels, fairies, words or your spiritual gifts.
  • You will give each other angel readings!
  • Your guests will receive a private individual 30 minute Angel Session with me.

Please guarantee 4 guests minimum- 6 guests (excluding you as the host).  Parties larger than 6/7 people- contact me and we can plan accordingly. I have had hosts have up to 40 guests!

When you have a minimum of 6 paying guests join us, you get your session for FREE!  A host may select to receive their reading at the party in person for 30 minutes or 1 hr on the phone during the week after the party.

For parties held 45 mins from Asheville, NC there will be a $20 travel fee added.



Angel Tea Parties for Children Ages 9-14

Children are so in tune and find readings and cards fascinating!

What happens at a Children's Tea Party?

  • Introduction
  • Drumming, Shakers, Chimes & Dancing
  • Tuning in with meditation and setting intention
  • Learn and use I AM statements
  • Gemstones! We will talk about Gemstones and how they can use them.
  • Vision Boards! Kids will be taught about and let loose to create their Vision Boards.
  • Each child will have a private 15 minute reading with me.
    • Using cards that will appeal to them; Unicorns, Fairies & Gemstones.
  • Receive a photo of the child in front of a unicorn or fairy backdrop with their special card they pulled and props they chose.

minimum 6 paying participants-maximum 12 guests. 

$45 each Child - each child will leave with their vision board and a special gemstone. Their unicorn or fairy portrait will be emailed to the parent.

The host child will receive a free session with 6 paying guests present. The host will also receive a special unique gift bag.






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