Suit Your Soul. Soothe Your Spirit.

Revitalize your senses and refresh your mind!

White Lotus Way offers Angel & Tarot Enlightenment Readings, Energy Coaching Sessions, Chakra Clearing/Rebalancing, Spiritual Aromatherapy Sessions, Workshops & a Leadership Mastermind Group.  White Lotus Way boasts a unique Gift Shop to suit your soul and soothe your spirit.

Angel & Tarot Enlightenment Sessions combined with Energy Coaching acts as a unique mirror for the whole trinity of you (mind, body & soul). When looking through this magic mirror, you are easily able to lift and remove blocks on your path forward to your ultimate state of bliss in your personal life, emotional life, or business.

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Master Energy Intuitive & Metaphysical Minister, Sunflower Tara, with a bright mind, compassionate heart and a warm soul has been conducting professional Psychic Angel Tarot Sessions for 29 years. She is a trusted psychic professional & certified life coach.  Sunflower has been coaching and mentoring for 19 years. Sunflower is a Doctor of Divinity.

In addition; during her career, Sunflower has worked as a childbirth & women's sexual health educator.

Sunflower has dedicated many years to enhancing her natural gift of intuitive lead and divine connection. She connects in to the divine and cosmic realms, engaging chakras, to reach the beyond and take you along during your spiritual sessions.  Sunflower offers Special VIP Psychic Attunements- SEEK the POWER within!

Your Power Hour with Sunflower is very magical! Archetypal energy, Akashic Records, scents, sounds, your own natural wonder, messages from the divine spiritual realm, crystals! 

 Sunflower works with the Divine Mother Earth energy and is an advocate for natural healing, herbal remedies and essential oils . She believes very strongly in their potency and power. 

 Essential Oils are Mother Nature's gift to the human being. She wishes to help deliver this gift to the people of the Earth.


Grow Your Spiritually Rich Business!

Start Your Own Business! Training, Support!

Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to start your own spiritually rich business?

Become a Certified White Lotus Way Archangel Life Purpose Guide! If your passion is helping others to connect to their highest self & purpose this certification program is for you.

Become a White Lotus Way Certified Spiritual Aromatherapy Educator!  Host classes teaching others about the spiritual, mental, physical & emotional benefits of essential oils.

Own your own business already? The Leadership Goddess Mastermind, "Spiritually Rich", maybe be the group you are being called too! Spiritually Rich is an exclusive, intimate group of women that meet in an online sacred space for a 12 month Mastermind of mentoring, manifesting, sharing, honoring, goal setting and holding space for one another. New sessions begin each October. If you feel led, we would love to schedule an interview with you to see if you are a right match for this exclusive group of Leadership Goddesses.

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